Wassup y’all!! I’m Barak (no middle name).

A few things about me, I am a human, I have five fingers on each hand, and I have a brain, believe it or not! I have a zillion hobbies, including duplicitously pranking my brothers, ancient Japanese origami from the 13th Dynasty (some call me an Origami Ninja), and taking a scorching, blistering, smouldering hot piece of metal and delicately placing it on wood in predetermined locations to result in the wood’s decomposition through the process of pyrography. In other words, wood burning.

For Monumental Worship, I am the Keys player, which consists of synth and piano, I am working on singing, music production (composition/mixing/mastering) and I am the graphic designer for most of our graphics. I am attending school online at the International House of Prayer University (IHOPU) as well, and will graduate in 2025.

I have also recorded a full instrumental album and more that you can find on almost all music platforms, but to save you lots of wasted time endlessly searching for the right artist profile, click the link below if you’re interested.

Artist Profile:

Instagram: @barakbruse