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Hawaii 2022

Dear Family and Friends, Aloha! Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Birthday! (X3) Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Throw in a wedding, a balloon decorating job, a couple of ministry events, a Lefse making frenzy, a few weeks of family illness (Para Influenza and Influenza A), and some important medical check-ups and you have a very full season.

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Fall 2022 Updates

Dear Family and Friends, We are incredibly sorry for not getting a letter to you sooner. We have had many technical difficulties, illnesses, life issues and ministry busyness. With that said this is a long and yet brief overview of what we have been up to these past months.

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Pressing On Toward the Goal

Dear Family and Friends, Our sincere apologies for the delay in an update… It’s been quite a journey for us all the past several months! Quite a significant challenge came for me (Chris), after falling and breaking my femur on June 6th, getting a helicopter ride off the beach in Olympic National Park, and having…

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