Hello Everyone!

I sincerely apologize for this letter being so late. I realize this is being written in June! We have had a very full schedule since February. I am just now getting a couple of weeks off to sit down and finish this email that I started a while ago.

Currently, we are taking some time to rest, recharge and catch up on some things like vehicle and trailer maintenance or this newsletter! Ha! Thank you for your patience. 🙂 – Lori

March Highlights

March 13 – April 1st

Ohio: Capitol Rotunda – Columbus, Ohio

Faith, Hope, Love House of Prayer – Columbus, OH

ATD Summit – Columbus, OH

West Virginia: Capitol Rotunda – Charleston, West Virginia 

Pennsylvania: Indoor Capitol Event – Harrisburg, PA

(CANCELED due to sickness, will re-visit at a later date)

April Highlights

April 1st – May 7th

Colorado: Serenity’s Appts -Denver Children’s Hospital 

Or Chaim Messianic Congregation – Golden, CO 

Life Fellowship – Ft. Morgan, CO

South Dakota: Union Gospel Mission – Sioux Falls, SD 

Sioux Falls Area Aglow – Sioux Falls, SD

Aglow Regional Rally – Rapid City, SD

May Highlights

May 7th – May 31st

Aglow Regional Rally – Rapid City, SD

•Team Member Spotlight featuring Hallal

Stayed Tuned for our Next Letter Highlighting:

Nebraska: Outdoor/Indoor Capitol Event – Lincoln, NE 

Lifehouse Church, Hastings, NE

Kansas: Indoor/Outdoor Capitol Event – Topeka, KS

Missouri: All Nations Prayer Room – Israel Set

Indoor Capitol Event – Jefferson City, MO

IHOP/Truman Properties/Global Israel Fast – Kansas City, MO

Iowa: Indoor Capitol Event – Des Moines, IA

Minnesota: Indoor Capitol Event – St. Paul, MN

Ohio, West Virginia, ATD Summit

We stayed on the Baer family dairy farm in Marshalville, Ohio for 3 weeks. Angie Baer aka MamaBaer is a fellow IHOPU student with Hallal and Barak. We officially met the Baer family (and friends) last year at The Send/KC. We connected with them instantly! We knew when Ohio was on the radar we would be connecting with them again. They are a musical family too! While we stayed there we participated in their house of prayer that is in their barn. We spent hours talking, praying, worshipping, laughing, crying, until the “wee hours of the night”. They became like family members. Fun Fact: One of the Baer’s kids is an Equestrian. We were able to help with the horses care and of course, the kids rode them!

We planned 3 capitol events during this time including: Columbus, OH, Charleston, WV, and Harrisburg, PA. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the Pennsylvania event due to illness.

Charleston, West Virginia was on a Saturday and pretty quiet in the building so were able to have a little more freedom to turn the sound up. The acoustics were amazing! Chris felt like it was his favorite sounding rotunda so far. The Baer family came along and worshiped with us. They prayed for people that attended the event and their son ran the sound for us. It was great to see worship happening at the same time as prayer and ministry to those in attendance! All inside a capitol building! Wahoo!

The Ohio event was epic! It was our first evening event and probably the most expensive yet. We had to pay for staff to stay on duty with us, but it was worth it. We had a rotunda full of dancers, shouters, prayers and worshippers! Ohio is on fire! Once again our friends the Baer’s came along and brought a crew with! It was such a blessing to have them along. We were privleged to visit various spots in the capitol including the State Room where brides will often rent for their weddings! Fun Fact: We were told this capitol has an 1800 year old staircase leading up to the top of the rotunda. News reporters will climb up these stairs to position their cameras for a “birds eye” view of events happening below.

We also served at the ATD-Columbus Summit. It was held at Faith, Hope, Love House of Prayer in Columbus. (The staff there became great friends. They are an amazing group with a true gift of hospitality. If you are in the area visit their HOP!) We were very involved in the ATD event from organizing, to packing 60+ gift bags to leading worship for the evening sessions. On the last night of the summit we had a completely “Gen Z” led worship night. It was our kids with the Baer kids (and company). It was powerful! The connection and unity our families had was significant that night. When all was said and done many left each other crying as if it were the end of a youth summer camp. It was an amazing weekend.

Capitol Rotunda Charleston, WV
The Bruse’s and Baer’s (and friends) on the Last Night of the ATD-Columbus Summit
Columbus, OH – Stateroom
Charleston, WV Capitol Rotunda
Angie Baer Praying with an Attendee at the WV Capitol
Baer Family Home Prayer Set
Baer Family Home Prayer Set
Serenity on Horse
Sharing about Tent America 
at the ATD Summit with Matthew Lilley
Columbus, OH Capitol Rotunda
Charleston, WV 
Capitol Rotunda
Columbus, OH 
Capitol Rotunda-Set Up
Columbus, OH 
Capitol Rotunda
Nathanael and Ammy 
Brushing a Horse
Angie Baer and I 
Packing Gift Bags
Charleston, WV
Capitol Rotunda
Gen Z Led Worship 
set at the ATD Summit


Immediately after the summit we headed back to South Dakota for a week of appointments and then off to Colorado to the Children’s Hospital. We had Serenity’s yearly Craniofacial check-up. During the week we enjoyed visiting with local family and friends. We also ministered at two separate church services. These were places we had visited before so it was nice to see everyone again and share what God had done since the last time we had come. Next stop, back to South Dakota!

Lori’s Family in Denver
Serenity Getting a Foot X-ray

South Dakota

The following weekend back in South Dakota we ministered in Sioux Falls at the Union Gospel Mission with the Justin and Elly Heckel. It is the homeless shelter for men, but women and children are open to come to these chapel services. They are held on Friday evenings. We had about 50 people attend. Some currently on the streets and some that live in the mission while they recover and go through a program to get them back on their feet. God moved powerfully in that place. One of many stories from that night was while we were still leading worship, Elly ordered us some dinner via “DoorDash” and as soon as the delivery lady walked in the door she was taken back at the weighty presence of the Lord. She said, “Wow! What is going on in here tonight? Do you do this every night?” This individual is often seen in the downtown area and has struggled with drug addiction, brokenness and trauma. Elly shared with her about Jesus and described to her what she was feeling. The girl said it was a night she will never forget. “I was having such a bad day and I desperately needed to feel loved today.” God touched her powerfully with His presence during worship.

Sunday night it was a privilege to minister at the local Sioux Falls Aglow chapter that was just starting up again. We met some new friends and visited with some old friends. We shared a little about MW and led worship for the event.

The end of the month brought the Aglow Regional Rally. We led worship for all four of the sessions. Lance Wallnau was one of the speakers. Sunday morning the weighty presence of the Lord was there. After we finished worship for the last session Lance had us stay up there while he prayed, talked, and prophesied over us. He broke an assignment of sickness off of us. He even publicly committed to financial partnership! He said there would be more monthly supporters coming as we were going to need it! His sweet wife Annabelle invited others to join in monthly support for us as well! (To support us financially click here). He said we were to maintain the integrity of the original intent (assignment), keep our lifestyle simple, and our testimony strong. That we would write songs and instrumental music with scriptures that would set people free and open the heavens for them, that it would go viral and eventually help provide for our ministry. This was a very significant moment and some say a moment of a new level in our family ministry. We feel honored that he would feel led of the Lord to believe in us and invest in our family and mission. I highly encourage you to take a moment to listen. If you want to watch this prophetic word released click on the button below.

After this conference was over we left South Dakota and traveled to Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Minnesota. I’ll save those states for the next newsletter. Hopefully, it will be very soon!

Lance Wallnau prophesying over our family
This row is from the 
Aglow Regional Rally in Rapid City, SD
This row is from the Union Gospel Mission in Sioux Falls,SD

Team Member Spotlight

Hallal is our second oldest son. He is 21 years old. On our worship team he plays the electric guitar. Hallal has completed three years of IHOPU. He will be a senior next fall! Hallal also helps us organize all of our gear. He is skilled in so many ways.

Hallal leads with a humble heart. When he first started IHOPU he was already so advanced they didn’t even have a class to put him in. We were told over and over how gifted he is. Yet, he remains humble and kind. His heart of devotion to Jesus is remarkable. We are so proud of him!

In Hallal’s spare time he practices guitar… Yes, he practices for hours everyday! Hallal also enjoys finding new meme’s to make him laugh. Occasionally, we all are enlightened as well! LOL! He also loves his siblings and you will often find him spending time with the younger ones playing games.

We are thankful for Hallal’s sacrifice and willingness to serve. He has a dedication and commitment that is priceless.

Fun Fact: Hallal LOVES Dr. Pepper!

Wagon Tracks

Psalm 65:11

A Jewish woman named Zipporah said to me, “One of the reasons what you are doing is so significant and unique is because you are bringing your whole family. Many are going to the capitols to pray and worship but you are doing it with the family. The family is signifigant in the last days. The generations coming together.”

After a capitol event a man approached us and said, “In the past a certain missions group would send their men into the mission field first and sadly, they would be killed. They were looked at as warriors. Eventually this same group came in with their families and were no longer viewed as a threat, but coming in peace.” 

We often are approved to go into the capitol buildings and are rarely looked at as a threat. We hear over and over again how what we are doing is significant. We hear passerby’s say the sound carries throughout the capitol building like a cathedral in Italy. Many people touring the capitol, who don’t know Jesus, are taking videos on their cell phones or sharing the worship live on their social media pages! We are a pubilc witness for Christ. We are standing in these spaces and worshipping Jesus in the face of opposing forces and often with little to no one in attendance. He is using the worship we bring. The sound permeates the atmosphere and shifts the tide, breaking up the powers of darkness in spiritually opressed places. We are heading straight into the “Lion’s Den” and we need your support.

We have been called “Missionaries to America”. Perhaps “Musicianaries” is more accurate! When we began a year and a half ago we sold our house, put most everything in storage (aka- our time capsule) and have been traveling ever since, staying in hotels or AirBnb’s. We are making sacrifices and laying it all down to see HIS calling fulfilled. Even our adult sons are willingly and sacrificially committing to seeing this mandate completed.

We humbly ask you to prayerfully consider partnering with us financially. Or pick one of our adult sons and consider financially supporting them. We have tax deductible and non-tax deductible options. You can reach out to us directly via email or simply tap the link below to be directed to the giving page of our website. If you want to support our sons please email us and we will help you set that up.

Thank you!

Some of our Financial Needs:

– College expenses (3 of our sons)

– Monthly expenses such as gas, food, housing etc.

– Capitol use fees (when required)

– vehicle and trailer maintenance

– sound equipment maintenance and updates

Believe with us for Miracles:

We are praying for a second vehicle that can pull a travel trailer with beds for 10 or more people. It would be very helpful to have in many ways and would potentially save us money on housing expenses.

States and the Capitols we have completed

“All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the LORD, And all the families of the nations will worship before You.”

Psalm 22:7

*Barak has a piano instrumental album that is superb! Visit his link below to find out how to listen to it. We were recently told by a listener that his album brought healing to her heart and soul. As soon as it started she felt the presence of Jesus and was touched.