February Highlights:

– James River Church – Huron, SD

– Fargo, ND – Blizzard

– St. Paul, Minnesota – Cancelled Event

– Team Member Spotlight

– Barak’s NEW Song Release

– Kansas City Trip to IHOPU and IHOP-KC

– On to Ohio!

From “HURON” Out!

Feb 17-19

After we finished with all of our appointments and surgeries we headed to Huron, SD. It seems like whenever we start a new leg of our journey, we seem to begin it with a visit to Huron. It’s always a joy to be with our friends at James River Church. We often say, “From here on out, from Huron out”! 

  • Friday Evening: We led worship and supported intercession for the Friday HOP meeting.
  • Sunday Morning:  We shared a brief update, led worship, Holy Spirit moved; 5 people accepted Jesus, many delivered from various bondages, the kids in the room spontaneously helped us lead a worship song.

Fargo, ND/St. Paul, Minnesota

Feb 20-26

We left Huron to surprise Lori’s family with a visit. Throughout the week; we bowled, played games, shared meals, caught up on life, survived a blizzard, extremely cold temperatures (w/windchills -40º to -50º) and several feet of snow. Lori grew up there and felt quite nostalgic about our time there!

Due to the blizzard, and closed roads we had to cancel plans to drive to St. Paul for a scheduled Capitol event the next day. 🙁 We will reschedule at a later time.

Team Member Spotlight

Judah is our oldest son. He is 23 years old. On our worship team he our bass player and sound tech. Judah has completed his bachelors degree and is currently attending Regent University online for his Master’s degree in government.

If you haven’t met him yet, you should take some time to chat with him. He is always wanting to share some news he read or facts he learned. We enjoy having our own traveling encyclopedia! He has a wealth of knowledge and makes a great tour guide!

In his spare time he likes to catch up on the news, birdwatch, hike, and when possible, hang out with his college buddies. Lately, he has been enjoying creating some AI art!

We love Judah’s sacrifice and willingness to serve wherever he is needed. He is a priceless piece to our family and worship team!

Fun Fact: Judah LOVES the ocean.

Visit to Kansas City—IHOPU and IHOP-KC

Feb 27-Mar 12

Next we left for IHOPKC. A dream of the IHOPU students (Hallal and Barak) was to attend classes in person for a week or two. God cares about their dreams! We dove head first into as much as we could for two weeks! Here are some highlights:

  • Hallal and Barak attended classes and met some friends in person
  • Almost immediately they were asked to be on the student prayer room teams. In addition, our other kids (Judah, Justice, & Hannah) were asked to join them
  • Hallal was asked to play in the Global Prayer Room for a set
  • IHOPU was blessed to see our family arrive for several sets in the student prayer room. One day they randomly were praying for families and we all showed up!
  • Chris and I had some strategic meetings with other leaders to plan for some potential future events.
  • In our free time we went outside and played Foursquare. Family favorite!

STAY TUNED for our next newsletter! We will be sharing about our time in Ohio. We met some amazing friends. Our twinsies! (Seriously, you won’t want to miss this update.) We also will share about the two newest capitol events we held. EPIC! Lastly, we will be sharing about the ATD-Ohio Leadership Summit. FIRE! 

It has been an eventful couple of months…

Wagon Tracks

Psalm 65:11

God is so faithful and we are very grateful for his provision! If you want to give towards this mission please click here for ways to give!

States and the Capitols we have completed

“All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the LORD, And all the families of the nations will worship before You.”

Psalm 22:7

Upcoming Events

April 15: Or Chaim Messianic Congregation – Golden, CO

April 16: Life Fellowship Church – Ft. Morgan, CO

April 21-23: Kingdom Movement w/Heckel Ministries- Sioux Falls, SD

April 23: Sioux Falls area Aglow – Sioux Falls, SD

May 5-7: Aglow Regional Retreat – Rapid City, SD

  • Some events are still being added – View our website for regular updates under the EVENTS tab.

*Barak released a NEW song on February 28th! It’s called, “Trust the Process”. It is very good! He sings in this one! Don’t miss listening to it! Click below to visit his page (“Trust the Process” is your first choice). You can download the song on most music platforms. Send him some feedback, he’d love to hear from you!