Dear Family and Friends,

Aloha! Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Birthday! (X3) Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Throw in a wedding, a balloon decorating job, a couple of ministry events, a Lefse making frenzy, a few weeks of family illness (Para Influenza and Influenza A), and some important medical check-ups and you have a very full season. A lot has happened in the last couple of months. As we look back we see things have kept a steady pace…busy.

Come to me all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and My burden is light. ~Matthew 11:28-30

Hawaii was a time of restoration, healing, ministry, and joy! As soon as we got off the plane we were greeted with a giant rainbow. To us it symbolized the promise of healing, restoration and God’s promises being fulfilled. It is hard to believe we returned after having lived there several years ago. God is faithful! Many of you know that our previous time in Hawaii was difficult for some of our family members, especially me (Lori). What was once a difficult season is now being renewed and restored. My prayers of a second chance in Hawaii had begun!

One amazing story of restoration was being able to minister at a home fellowship in Ewa Beach. Kapilina Beach Homes (aka Iroquois Point) is a community of updated former military base housing. Pearl Harbor is adjacent to the homes. You can see ships and submarines going in and out of Pearl Harbor from the private beach.

This was the first place our family lived when we moved to Hawaii several years ago. Nathanael (who is now almost 7 years old) was born there in the duplex just a few streets away from the home we ministered in. We did not know this until we plugged the address into our maps the night before we were to be there! 

SPOTLIGHT MOMENT: Our good friend Keola (pictured below wearing the hat) hosted us throughout our time in Hawaii. She scheduled some of our events, prayed, talked, introduced us to some beautiful people, and became like a family member to us. She said, “Her assignment was to help us fulfill ours”! Keola is a precious and humble servant reflecting Christ in all she does. We are so grateful for her.

Keola, had arranged this first meeting not knowing our history in that location. This local fellowship group asked us to share a little about MW and lead them in a few worship songs. Later, as the Pastor was sharing her message she asked if anyone in our family wanted an instrument that had not gotten one yet, to raise their hand. Surprisingly, Nathanael quickly raised his hand and they called him up to the front to tell him that they were going to give him money to get an instrument of his choice (an electric guitar). How profound to be given this amazing gift there!

It should be told, as a baby Nathanael battled starvation while there. He had severe lip-tongue-tie (undiagnosed) until he was about six weeks old. Once discovered, they called the only dentist on the island that was able to do the procedure, to come in from home. He laser cut Nathanael’s mouth to release his tongue so he could nurse. What a story of restoration- God is so good!

Nathanael being told about his electric guitar!
Newborn Baby Nathanael (before being malnourished) in our home on Iroquois Point
January 29th, 2016
Our family leading worship in 2016 at Kawaiahao Church (the first church built in Hawaii)

A few days later we were asked to attend a strategic prayer meeting in the capitol building inside a legislators office. A group of about 15-20 people gathered to pray for Hawaii’s upcoming elections. Earlier that week (10/27) during my morning devotions I was given a word out of Matthew 27 & 28 for Hawaii, but didn’t know how or where to release that word. I wondered if this was the place to release it. I wasn’t on the agenda to do anything. I prayed, “Lord if this is where I am supposed to share this word you are going to have to open the door, I am willing!” As soon as I finished praying Pastor Sam (whom we had just met and was in charge of the meeting) paused the program and called Chris and I up. He described what we were doing with MW and then asked us if we had anything to share with the group! I smiled, looked at Chris and shared my word.

I said with caution, “Get ready for an earthquake! You are in the 6-9th hour like the time before Jesus died, the darkest hour, and he has heard your cries. After Jesus died there was a great earthquake and the bodies of the saints were raised! This is symbolic of the sleeping church in Hawaii awakening in their hearts after the earthquake. The next chapter says, before Jesus was resurrected an angel set foot on the ground and there was another great earthquake! It’s time for Hawaii to have a visitation! An earthquake was coming! An awakening!” Tears came to their eyes and they were blessed.

As I felt led I shared this word to different people around the island, “Get ready for an earthquake”! I was encouraging them that an awakening was coming but with caution in my heart as I didn’t want anyone to experience tragedy.

Well, not too long after returning to South Dakota we saw in the news that Mauna Loa erupted for the first time since the 1980’s! 

The word was given to me on October 27th. The increase in earthquakes on Mauna Loa were reported on that same date. The chapters in the Bible the Lord showed me were from Matthew 27 & 28And on November 27 & 28th Mauna Loa erupted!

USGS-Mauna Loa Article

Currently as we write this letter both Mauna Loa and Kilauea have stopped erupting within a day of each other! WOW!

It was a sign! God is about to move in the Hawaiian Islands!

Our next event was the MW Hawaii Capitol event. The Capitol Building in downtown Honolulu has a beautiful outdoor rotunda.

We were told by the Sergeant at Arms that she saw our application go across her bosses’ desk the day we applied. She said it was approved instantly and in all of her years working there she has never seen an event be approved so quickly and certainly not a worship event like ours!

As we worshipped they were counting early voting ballots in the adjacent room. We also enjoyed seeing building workers taking their lunch break while watching us from the balcony. Even the security guards said if we were there to “share the gospel” they would make sure we had no trouble!

Surfers Church is associated with Surfing the Nations International (similar to a YWAM), hosting students from all over the world to train and equip them in the gospel. There were students there all the way from Sweden! 

SPECIAL GUEST: Our good friend Emily (pictured above) flew in from the Big Island (Kona YWAM base) to fellowship and to sing with us on our team for the capitol event as well as other events scheduled for the next few days. 

At Surfers Church Chris shared a short message and we worshipped and praised for several hours. Breakthrough happened and the students that stuck around to the end didn’t want to stop praising so we kept going! They were filled with so much FREEDOM and JOY!

We all enjoyed this time. It was a family favorite on this trip!

Our last Hawaii ministry event was with a Samoan congregation. We shared our unique expressions of worship with each other. They served and blessed us with open arms. We had a wonderful meal and fellowship time with them after the service.

Our time in Hawaii had come to an end. We filled the last couple of days with some swimming and sight seeing.

Once we returned home we hit the ground running. We attended a wedding, decorated for a Love Inc. Fundraiser, ministered a couple of times at a local congregation, got sick, made and sold hundreds of Lefse, celebrated birthdays and holidays and had some medical check-ups.

Please be in prayer for Chris and I. Chris had a CT scan of his leg and it looks like he will need to have a minor surgery to remove one of the screws. It is starting to come out of the ball in his hip socket and could cause damage to his hip if not removed. I have some personal medical tests that are needing a normal/negative result. Please pray in agreement with that.

We are feeling that we are in a season of rest. It is vital that we pull back on our journey until these medical needs are taken care of. In this time we are purposing to rest and seek the Lord for our next steps. We are hoping to be back on the road very soon!

You have not because you ask not…

*Our three oldest sons have chosen to attend their colleges online so they can help fulfill this MW mission. Our son Barak is a Sophomore at IHOPU. One of his courses at IHOPU is to teach him how to record and master music with more skill using a program called Abelton. In addition to paying his online class tuition we need to get him a laptop. Would you consider helping us purchase a laptop sufficient to handle the processing power he would need to do this class? It would be around $2,500-$3,000. If that is something you feel the Lord stirring you to do please call call, email or text us. Thank you.

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States and the Capitols we have completed

We would love to hear from you! Please message us and let us know how you’re doing or how we can pray for you! 🙂 

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace. (Numbers 6:24-26)

God bless,

Chris, Lori and family