Dear Family and Friends,

Our sincere apologies for the delay in an update… It’s been quite a journey for us all the past several months! Quite a significant challenge came for me (Chris), after falling and breaking my femur on June 6th, getting a helicopter ride off the beach in Olympic National Park, and having a lengthy surgery on June 7th at Tacoma General Hospital in Washington state. Before that incident, we were able to host 2 events at the Washington Capitol in Olympia- one in the Rotunda on June 3rd and one outdoors on the steps June 4th. It was a significant time of breakthrough. We were blessed to partner with Legacy Church in Federal Way, June 2nd and 5th, to lead worship and make some amazing new friends.

God used some of those friends to show a greater display of hospitality than I’ve ever seen before. 17+/- of us were welcomed into a home for 6 weeks of my recovery! The Brooks family (aka- Kingdom Family Missions), our friends from Rapid City, started traveling with us in June and were an incredible help during this time. God faithfully provided financially during that time even though we had to cancel all of our events for the next month. Last, but not least, my recovery has been miraculously fast and the Doctors and Physical Therapist noted that they couldn’t think of anyone they’d seen recover more quickly from such a significant injury/surgery! A huge and sincere THANK YOU to everyone who prayed and gave during this time. God used you and is continuing to use you to work something miraculous in me. I’m incredibly grateful. Please continue to pray. I’m determined to move forward on our mission, but I’m still moving slower than normal from persisting pain. The progress in this light, momentary affliction is significantly outweighed by the eternal weight of glory being worked in and through me!

During my initial recovery, I had set my sights on being mobile enough to get to the Oregon Capitol in July. We were able to join David’s Tent OR on the Capitol grounds outside (in Salem, OR) on the 9th. That same weekend God miraculously opened the use of a caucus room inside the Capitol where we met for worship and prayer on the 19th. We had previously tried to get into the building through conventional routes and were shut down. I had planned to work on something during June, but was unable because of my focus on recovery. The building was closed to the public, for construction, on July 1st until 2025. I had no way to get in, but God wanted this to happen and He made a way!

After being released by the Dr. for longer travel, we made our way back to South Dakota to regroup, repack, and catch up on appointments. During our time at home, God opened the door to go to the capitols in both North Dakota and (back to) South Dakota. We had 2 Capitol events the same day in Bismarck, ND. One indoor in partnership with Aglow and one on the outdoor plaza the same evening, August 11th. Then we returned for our 2nd event in the Capitol Rotunda in Pierre, SD on the 15th, again in partnership with Aglow. Our next event took us to Helena, MT where we hosted 2 hours of worship and prayer in the Capitol Rotunda on August 19th. The picture at the top of this email is our family outside the MT Capitol Building. The next week we traveled to Boise, ID for another gathering of worship and prayer in the Capitol Rotunda on the 26th. In Boise, we had set up all of our equipment in the Rotunda and about 15 mins. prior to started we were told we would not be allowed to have an event with amplification. Even though we had gone through the approval process (twice actually) and received a permit, we were told the person who approved it didn’t have authority to allow amplification in the Rotunda. I’m not sure how I could have known that? I asked what my options were and we ended up tearing everything down and setting up on the steps outside and having an hour of worship in the heat of the day. God sustained us an it was a witness to those in downtown Boise. To God be the glory! (We may still go back another time to host an event inside the building?) By the time you read this, we’ll have done our event in Salt Lake City, UT, but I have to save some of the amazing miracles and testimonies for the next update!

I often think of the Apostle Paul’s words in Philippians chapters 3 and 4. Verse 14 of chapter 3 says- “I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” Our mission has not been easy, but we are pressing on! Many people don’t really understand it. We’ve left much behind. We overcome obstacles from within ourselves, from unseen adversaries, and from the circumstances of life. We have plenty of reasons to stop, but we aren’t doing this for our own gain. We’re learning to be content with much or little. We’re growing in prayer and in faith. We’re learning to rejoice in the Lord always. We’re realizing our citizenship is truly in heaven. It’s ultimately all about God and His kingdom. Singing and worshiping in 50 State Capitol Buildings wasn’t our idea, it was His. My frequent prayer in this season has been, “Show me what You want and help me give that to You!” I would encourage you to pray that too. And when you do, get ready to “let your light shine before men” (Matt 5:16). When we share our story, our message is simple- “Give Jesus your unconditional YES and follow Him wherever He leads you!”

We are often asked how we can be supported financially. The response is that everything we are doing is “by faith.” Our entire family has given our lives to this calling. We have many expenses such as gas, vehicle maintenance, food, and housing, along with homeschooling/online college, website maintenance, worship song access, instrument upkeep, and sound equipment needs… the list can go on. All of these have added challenges as we do life on the road. This isn’t a complaint though, it’s a privilege to serve God in this way. I’m convinced more than ever that this is a mission God has sent us on. God is faithful and has repeatedly provided for us in miraculous ways. I’m not sure that will change. He seems to enjoy revealing His great ability to take care of our family as we follow His leading. We continue to pray for and believe in His goodness. Your prayers for us and our mission are priceless! More than anything, we NEED your prayers!

We are so incredibly and genuinely grateful for those that support us through regularly/monthly donations. The number of people in this group is relatively small, but very important. You are all invited to partner with us financially on our Monumental Worship mission! God wants to see this mission accomplished. I believe sowing into our ministry in any amount will bring fruitfulness in our nation now and also rewards in heaven. If you have any questions, please ask, we would be happy to explain options and help you with them. You can click on the giving tab at the top of the page where there are different ways to give financially.


We couldn’t do this without you! And that’s the truth! πŸ˜‰


Chris & family

Helena, MT Capitol Steps