It’s been a while since our last update and we genuinely appreciate all the prayers and support we’ve had this past year from so many family and friends. It’s been a busy and wild ride. We are certainly living in unusual times and life continues to take turns we didn’t anticipate. God has been good, as He always is and we are in pursuit of all He has for our family!
At the end of July, we felt a little desperate. It was like we’d been striving for answers and options on how to make our life situation work, but finding none. One morning Lori and I were praying for a “blueprint” from heaven. That night Lori had a dream about seeing a map of the USA. Stars came up out of the state capitals starting in Pierre, SD and then moving to the Pacific Northwest, then back towards the center of the nation. In the dream she looked at me and said, “Chris this is ‘Monumental Worship,’ we are supposed to go to every state capital [capitol building] and worship.” In the dream she asked God “why us?” (our family) and heard a voice in reply stating, “because you bring revival fire everywhere you sing and play.” There were some additional parts after this about some friends and things related to our worship event in Pierre, SD. The dream helped connect many dots for us about the changes we’ve gone through and the experiences we’ve had as a family over the past several years.
Truth be told, even though we’d been praying for direction, this was NOT on our radar at all. Even for us, this was a little crazy, but we desire to obey God and live by faith. There’s an unavoidable element of risk and sacrifice involved with following Jesus fully. This has challenged us and helped refine our faith and lives in too many ways to share even briefly. Regardless, Jesus is Lord of our lives and we regularly come back to humbling ourselves before Him and placing all things on “the altar” for Him to consume as He pleases.
Since that dream and new direction came, we did get the cargo trailer from the fundraiser that was in May, which arrived perfectly on time in August. With additional funds, we were also able to purchase a sound system for our events and upgrade some of our musical equipment. HUGE THANKS to all who gave for that! There are a few things left to get and a few things that will need upgrades (electronic drum kit, keyboard, monitor speaker, additional mics and cables, etc…), but for now we can do what we need with what we have. We sold our home in October and paid off all of our debts. Praise the Lord! We want to be as free as possible to follow this call all the way to the finish line. The trailer is such a blessing for us and we have also helped 2 others move with it since.
We will have our first “Monumental Worship” event in Pierre, SD in the Capitol Building Rotunda on January 7th, 2022 from noon to 1 PM Central. This will be our “inauguration” of the new mission to go to every state capital and capitol building in America. God has done many miraculous things during our worship times in the past couple years. We believe that this will continue even in these public places of government. We believe this has incredible potential to impact the direction and future of our nation. We are committed to humbling ourselves and crying out for a shift in the heart of America. Please consider joining us, sharing the vision, and supporting the mission in any way you can. We are currently raising monthly support and will be connecting with people in homes, visiting churches, and joining with prayer communities along the journey for this purpose.

Thanks and God Bless!!!

With love, Chris and family