Capitol Events

What a joy and privilege to host our first official worship event in Pierre, SD at the Capitol Building Rotunda! We braved the very cold weather and our hearts were warmed by God’s presence, freedom, and blessings. It felt surprisingly natural to express public worship through our songs to our Great God. I (Chris) was personally moved to encourage more people to intentionally use the freedom of speech and freedom to worship we are given in America. Our freedoms exist for a divine purpose and I know I have not exercised my own expression of these rights nearly enough. My sense is that we must intentionally use our rights and freedoms so that we can justify keeping them. If I’m too afraid, too busy, or too comfortable to worship God publicly when these opportunities rise, why should I demand my freedom to hold on to that right?

In October, I had a dream related to becoming the Governor of South Dakota. Part of the dream was about being inaugurated and my sense was that I represented Monumental Worship and that we needed to “inaugurate” this ministry/mission. This was how we chose January 7th, 2022, just before the legislative session started for South Dakota. There were also some amazingly orchestrated things from Lori’s previous dream, that God put together in a way only He could. I’ll be updating the website (writings section) with more details on the entire Monumental Worship storyline over the next month or so (click on the logo to go to the site).

In Pierre, our event was scheduled the same day as a 24 hour prayer gathering that has been happening before each state legislative session begins for the past 10 years. I had the privilege of being on the team that originally started these prayer gatherings. This type of pattern is one worth repeating in other state capitals across the nation. It would be such a strategic kingdom victory to connect the government of heaven through night and day worship and prayer to the governments in America and across the earth. As we continue pursuing our Monumental Worship mission, we are seeking to connect with the people God is already using in each state to encourage and strengthen their local efforts. We are crying out for God to bring revival and awakening again!

After our time in Pierre, we traveled to Huron, SD, for an amazing time of extended ministry with our dear friends at James River Church. What an inspiring group of people, on fire for Jesus and in pursuit of the Great Commission. Our hearts have been enlarged by the blessing of being there! Huron holds a special place in commissioning and sending our family and we like to say, “from here on out, from Huron out!”

As we were praying about what to do next, God’s reply was clear- “green light, GO!” We’re moving forward in faith believing God for increasingly greater things! We are already blown away by the doors God is beginning to open… More on that very soon!

Huge thanks to all who have participated and supported us already and to all who are moved to continue in prayer and financial support!